A concentrator with a throughput of 205 ktpm was designed in conjunction with independent experts with vast experience with concentrator plants on the Great Dyke.

This plant will consist of three crushing stages followed by two milling stages with rougher flotation following each stage (MF2). Two cleaner circuits (high-grade and low-grade) will receive concentrate from the roughers, the high-grade cleaners will be three stages and the low-grade cleaners will be two stages.

The Karo TSF has been designed as a full containment facility with rock fill walls and with foundation keys, extending down to competent material following a downstream method of construction. This method of construction provides an engineered, quality assured compacted rock fill impoundment that is inherently more stable in the long term than a conventional upstream self-raised facility, and significantly less susceptible to static and transient load-induced liquefaction flow slides. Furthermore, the engineered impoundment wall itself provides an additional measure of freeboard over and above the beach freeboard that is maintained during normal operations which significantly reduces the risk of over-topping events.

A concentrator with a throughput of
205 ktpm
Annualised output in Phase 1
190 koz