ESIAS: Three Environment and Social Impact Assessments have been undertaken, for

  • Karo's mining activities, the processing facility, the tailings pond and the camp
  • Karo's power supply
  • Karo's water supply

All three studies have been developed to meet the requirements set out in the Zimbabwean Environmental Management Act and IFC standards. To date, two certificates have been issued, for the mine and plant, and for the power supply. The third ESIA, for the project's water supply, is due to be submitted in Q3 2023.

Equator Principles: In line with the latest iteration of the Equator Principles, Karo has also commissioned a climate transition risk analysis and a human rights assessment.

Environmental and Social Management System: Together, these different studies provide the basis of our risk management strategy with regards to community and environmental impacts. A comprehensive management system is currently being developed to ensure all impacts are mitigated and the effectiveness of mitigation measures is monitored and tested.